59-189 EUR
Okean Elzy
01 December 2023

Okean Elzy

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59-189 EUR

Zenith Europe
1 All. du Zénith, 67201 Eckbolsheim, Strasbourg, France

About the show

Okean Elzy in France! 

On the first day of winter, meet the band that needs no special introduction in Strasbourg, because they are known all over the world - the legendary Okean Elzy. The world-famous hits will be performed on the stage of the Zenith Europe concert hall.

A big concert in support of Ukraine in Strasbourg.

Okean Elzy is one of the most popular Ukrainian rock bands, which is widely recognized internationally. Their music not only touches hearts and unites people, but also has a unique sound and powerful lyrics that penetrate to the depths of the soul. The band's concerts are always spectacular events, full of emotions and love for music. The band's vocalist and leader Svyatoslav Vakarchuk actively communicate with the audience during the performances, which wins over the band's fans and creates a "family" atmosphere. Each concert of Okean Elzy is an opportunity to enjoy their work and feel their powerful energy.

The proceeds from the concert will be used to help children affected by the war, as well as to support medical institutions and Ukrainian defenders. 

Admission for children under 4 years old is free (without a separate seat).

Songs by Okean Elzy: 

  • “Обійми”

  • “Квіти мінних зон”

  • “Я їду додому”

  • “Без тебе мене нема”

  • “Коли ми станем собою”

  • “Місто Марії”