39-79 EUR
AC/DC Tribute Show “Highway to Symphony” with Symphony Orchestra
26 April

AC/DC Tribute Show “Highway to Symphony” with Symphony Orchestra

39-79 EUR

Carre Des Docks
64 Quai de la Réunion, 76600 Le Havre, France

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AC/DC Tribute Show “Highw...
AC/DC Tribute Show “Highway to Symphony” with Symphony Orchestra
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About the show

AC/DC Tribute Show “Highway To Symphony” in Le Havre!

On April 26, 2024, Le Havre will host a one-of-a-kind show performed by professional musicians. On the Carre Des Docks stage will perform:

AC/DC tribute band "The Jack", led by Jack Frost, a man who with his voice can take you to a rock concert of the Australian band of the Bon Scott era.

A special guest, thanks to whom you will be able to feel the full power of Brian Johnson's vocals, because Dodo "Brian" Shimun's voice was recognized by AC/DC fans as the best.

And the highlight of this event will be the incredible symphony orchestra "Lord of the Sound", which will impress you with its ability to skillfully combine classical instruments with a rock band.

Hurry up to buy tickets for the unique AC/DC Tribute Show "Highway To Symphony" because their number is limited, and there are many people who want to feel the atmosphere of an AC/DC concert!

Rock hits AC/DC with Symphony Orchestra in France!

You have a unique opportunity to enjoy the legendary music of AC/DC in a new fresh sound. Don't miss this unique evening that brings together two eras of AC/DC on stage. Tickets are available for purchase on our official website or at city box offices. Join us on "Highway to Symphony" and experience the incredible synergy of rock and symphony!

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