39-79 EUR
AC/DC Tribute Show “Highway to Symphony” with Symphony Orchestra
04 May

AC/DC Tribute Show “Highway to Symphony” with Symphony Orchestra

39-79 EUR

Brest Expo
Rte de Brest, 29820 Guilers

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AC/DC Tribute Show “Highw...
AC/DC Tribute Show “Highway to Symphony” with Symphony Orchestra
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About the show

Music of AC/DC with Symphony Orchestra in Brest!

To hear the most famous hits of the legendary AC/DC performed by the Symphony Orchestra at a live concert in Brest is an event that cannot be missed. You dedicated rock fans and music lovers have an opportunity to attend a unique concert on May 4 at Brest Expo that will turn your dream into reality.

Thanks to the incredible performance of AC/DC hits by the “Lords Of The Sound” orchestra, tribute band and vocalists, you will be transported right to the “Highway to Symphony”!

Unique AC/DC Tribute Show "Highway to Symphony"!

The stage will bring together the best performers, including Jack Frost, known for his striking vocal similarity to Bon Scott, Dodo "Brian" Shimun, who will embody the figure of Brian Johnson, as well as the tribute band "The Jack" who will add to the concert and, of course, the accompaniment of the skilled musicians "Lords Of The Sound".

You have never seen or heard anything like this before!

2 hours of high-voltage rock'n'roll in the best live performance and accompanied by a symphony orchestra! A mixture of classical and rock, energy and depth, drive and sophistication, all this awaits you at the concert "Highway to Symphony", do not miss the opportunity to experience fantastic emotions to the songs of your favorite AC/DC, buy tickets for the concert in Brest on our website!

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