39-79 EUR
AC/DC Tribute Show “Highway to Symphony” with Symphony Orchestra
28 April

AC/DC Tribute Show “Highway to Symphony” with Symphony Orchestra

39-79 EUR

Mégacité d'Amiens (Auditorium Jules Verne)
101 Av. de l'Hippodrome, 80000 Amiens, France

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AC/DC Tribute Show “Highw...
AC/DC Tribute Show “Highway to Symphony” with Symphony Orchestra
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About the show

"Highway to Symphony" - a concert at Amiens!

Hearing the songs of the legendary AC/DC live at a concert is a dream come true for many rock fans! And it will come true at Amiens on April 28, 2024! The first and only concert with a symphony orchestra is a special tribute to the famous AC/DC band with the participation of specially invited artists: Jack Frost (the best voice of Bon Scott) and The Jack. This show is second to none!

An incredible AC/DC tribute show with a symphony orchestra in France!

Two eras will come together in one evening! AC/DC and a symphony orchestra, classical and modern. The energy of the concerts will not leave any listener indifferent

The cult period of "high-voltage" rock 'n' roll, associated with the personality of Bon Scott, is personified by the official voice of Bon - Jack Frost. Jack Frost is the vocalist of the tribute band The Jack, the best voice of Bon Scott in the world according to AC/DC fans! The second period of success of the Australian rockers is associated with Brian Johnson, who will be embodied by a special guest - vocalist Dodo "Brian" Shimun.

"The Jack", an AC/DC tribute band, and the Lords Of The Sound Symphony Orchestra will present you with a two-hour concert of high-voltage Australian rock 'n' roll at its best.

Buy tickets online and at the box office Feel the unique experience of listening to the best AC/DC hits live at the Highway to Symphony show! A unique show, pure energy of Australian rock, driving sound and harmony of a symphony orchestra in a new format will give you fantastic emotions!

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